November 7, 2020A Virtual Event

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November 7, 2020

10‑11 a.m.

Jocko Willink will offer unparalleled insight into preparing for the unexpected and inspire attendees with solutions for strategy, innovation, and contingency planning.

He will use the lessons and skills learned over two decades of military service to help you spark new and inventive approaches to trading.

11 a.m.‑12:15 p.m.

Breakout sessions

Can an investor spot a bear’s tracks before they encounter the beast? In this session, Ben Watson will provide a guided nature walk of historical market conditions to help investors understand the signs of a potential bear market. Plus, he’ll explore some simple strategies to consider before, during, and after the market turns.

Topics: Stocks, Options, Intermediate Time Frame

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JJ Kinahan and Pat Mullaly combine the decision‑making processes of technical, fundamental, and probability analysis to help a trader understand how to get to decisions quickly and efficiently using the best of what the TD Ameritrade platforms have to offer.

Topics: Stocks, Options, Intermediate Time Frame, Longer Time Frame

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Join Michael Follett as he explains how a trader might use weekly options to potentially generate income and speculate on anticipated short‑term stock price moves.

Topics: Options, Short Time Frame, thinkorswim®

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12:15‑1 p.m.

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1‑2:15 p.m.

Breakout sessions

Growth investing doesn’t have to lean exclusively on companies apparently positioned for price appreciation. It can also potentially incorporate stocks that pay consistent dividends. Join Michael Kealy to learn how to help assess the longer‑term potential growth opportunities in dividend‑paying stocks.

Topics: Stocks,, Longer Time Frame

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What exactly is meant when a trade is described as “high probability”? And when might an investor look to use lower‑probability‑based strategies for high potential rewards? In this session, James Boyd will discuss who defines the probability and what variables might cause those probabilities to change.

Topics: Options, Intermediate Time Frame

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Open, high, low, and close: What significance might a single day’s activity on a stock chart hold for the decisions a trader makes? Ben Watson breaks down candlestick analysis into bullish and bearish patterns, explores the possible implications for trade probability, and reviews how these simple tools might be used in a self‑directed portfolio.

Topics: Stocks, Options, Intermediate Time Frame, Short Time Frame, thinkorswim®

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2:15‑2:30 p.m.

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2:30‑3:45 p.m.

Breakout sessions

What is a growth stock, and when might an investor consider buying or selling them? Ben Watson will lead an exploration of the potential fundamental characteristics of growth stock candidates and then review example technical timing using current charts to plan entry and exit points.

Topics: Stocks, Intermediate Time Frame, Longer Time Frame

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Join Michael Follett as he discusses a variety of technical methods to plan and execute short‑term trades. His chart review will include a blend of approaches for setting potential stops and targets in an effort to catch short‑term market “swing” movements.

Topics: Technical Analysis, Short Time Frame

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Focus your attention on options strategies that aim to deliver a high probability of positive return. Scott Connor will show you how to create iron condors and calendar spreads. Then you’ll learn ideas on combining these options trades into strategies that can be implemented every month to potentially generate income, improve your probabilities, and pursue greater consistency.

Topics: Options, Intermediate Time Frame, thinkorswim®

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3:45‑4 p.m.

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4‑5:15 p.m.

Breakout sessions

Stock markets have historically tended to move in cycles of varying lengths and in apparent reaction to varying influences. Pat and Michael explore the influence of presidential elections on the behavior of stock markets and then examines how those cycles might impact the ebb and flow of individual market sectors.

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When it comes to value investing, you might feel like you’re hunting for tiny gems in a mountain of coal. In this session with James and Joe, you’ll learn the characteristics of value stocks that might help you find these diamonds in the rough. Additionally, you’ll discover how a value investor might employ a sophisticated analytical tool for estimating a stock’s “true” value.

Topics: Stocks, Longer Time Frame,

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In this session, you’ll get an in‑depth look at thinkorswim and learn how to monitor your portfolio, place trades, and unleash the power of our most sophisticated trading platform.

Topics: thinkorswim

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Join Lorraine Gavican‑Kerr for a recap of the day and closing remarks.

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